Saturday, May 17, 2008


Vizhiyil Un Vizhiyil
Vandhu Vizhunthen Andha Nodiyil
In that instant I came and fell in your sight
En Ethirkaalam Neethaan Endru
Uyir Sonnathey..
My soul told me that you were my future
Vazhiyil Un Vazhiyil
Vandhu Nadhanthen Andha Nodiyil
In that instant I came and crossed your path
En Vazhai thunai Neethaan Endru
Nizhal Sonnathey..
My shadow told me you were my partner in the path
Unnodu Vazhthidathanae Naan Vazhgiren..
I am living only to spend my life with you
Un Kaiyil Ennaiththandhu Thol Saaikiren
I support myself against your shoulders
Oh.. Thol Saaikiren..

Eduvarai En iruthaiyam
Untill now my heart,
Indha Unarvinil Thadumaaravillai..
hasn't hesitated about this relationship
Mudhalmurai Indha Ilamaiyin Sugam Unarkiren
This is the first time I'm realising this plesant feeling
Naan Thoongavillai..
I'm not getting sleep

Kudaiyodu Naan Ponen
I had an umbrella with me...
Mazhaiyinil Eno Nanaikinren..
But I dunno why I'm getting wet in the rain?!
Kadikaaram Irunthaalum
Even though there's a clock
Kaaladi Sathathil Mani Paarthen..
But I'm checking time in your footsteps..
En Thanimaikku Thanimaigal
Nee Vandhu Koduthai..
You came and gave me the loneliness for my loneliness...

Sirippilae Un Siripplilae
Sirai Adaikirai Naan Meelavillai
Your have imprisoned me in your laughter/smile,
I can't get out...

Uravugal Ondru Sergaiyil
Enna Aagiren Endru Theriyavillai
As each new feeling is adding on,
I don't know what is becoming of/to me...

Unnaodu Naan Pesum
Ovoru Vaarthaiyum Inikkirathe
Every word I talk to you is sweet!
Uraiyaadal Thodranthaalum
Mounangal Kooda Pidikirathae
Even if conversations are continuing,
I like the silences...
En Kanavukku Kanavugal
Nee Vandhu Koduthai…
You came and gave me the dreams to my dreamland...

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